1. The right to Life. 2. The right to liberty and security of the person. 3. The right to equality and to be free from all forms of discrimination. 4. The right to privacy. 5. The right to freedom of thought. 6. The right to information. 7. The right to choose whether or not to marry and to find and plan a family. 8. The right to decide whether or when to have children 9. The right to the benefits of scientific progress. 10. The right to be free from torture and ill treatment. 11. The right to access sexual and reproductive health services. 12. The right to decide freely and responsibly on all aspects of sexuality



Naguru Teenage Information and Health Centre (NTIHC) is an organization which exists to contribute to government efforts of improving the health of adolescents in the country by providing youth friendly adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH) services and information. NTIHC hereby informs the esteemed suppliers about the pre- qualification of suppliers for various goods and services for financial years   2019/2020 and 2020/2021.

Reference is made to the invitation for applications for prequalification of suppliers for the period 2019/2021 advertised by Naguru Teenage Information and Health Centre in the New Vision of 28/03/2019.