1. The right to Life. 2. The right to liberty and security of the person. 3. The right to equality and to be free from all forms of discrimination. 4. The right to privacy. 5. The right to freedom of thought. 6. The right to information. 7. The right to choose whether or not to marry and to find and plan a family. 8. The right to decide whether or when to have children 9. The right to the benefits of scientific progress. 10. The right to be free from torture and ill treatment. 11. The right to access sexual and reproductive health services. 12. The right to decide freely and responsibly on all aspects of sexuality

Scale up

Scale up

To expand and improve youth friendly SRH services in selected public health facilities by providing material and technical support.

Geographical target: Kampala, Wakiso

This project focuses on scaling up ASRH service provision in the country. The term ‘scaling up’ covers aspects of ‘more’ and ‘better’.

In the core of the strategic plan, NTIHC provides a substantial package of support to 7 public health facilities in and around Kampala. These facilities are:  China Uganda Friendship Hospital, Kawaala, Kisenyi, Kisugu, Kitebi, Komamboga in Kampala and Kira HC in Wakiso district.

This component of the plan serves two purposes:

  • It is important in terms of helping the public health authorities to meet the needs of thousands of clients in areas of Kampala and Wakiso. This is a valid objective in its own right but its achievement also helps to reduce the risk of the NTIHC facility being swamped by excessive demand, i.e. surrounding facilities need to be strengthened and their services scaled up to mitigate the risk of that too many young people will migrate to the Kiswa facility rather than getting services in their local area.
  • Second, this component is also important to enable NTIHC to develop and test lessons being learnt at the Kiswa facility, and lessons about the most effective ways of partnering with public facilities to achieve scale up of ASRH services.

Also in the core of the strategic plan, NTIHC provides on-going mentoring and technical support to the 24 facilities in the districts of Wakiso, Luwero, Nakaseke, Mukono, Kayunga, Mpigi, Butambala and Gomba.

The main activities for objective 2 are:

  • ‘Service delivery package’ of support to 7 facilities
    • Allowances to service providers and peer educators (in recognition of the additional roles required of them and the additional activities involved, e.g. outreaches specifically aimed at reaching young people)
    • Material support, including: IEC materials; drugs and supplies; infrastructure support (e.g. drug storage equipment, audio visual equipment).
    • Capacity building where we train both health workers and peer educators on ADH and YFS.
    • Dialogue meetings with community leaders
    • Advocacy meetings with district leaders and civil society organizations.
    • Review meetings with supported facilities.
    • Monitoring visits to supported facilities

Service Delivery & Capacity Building Packages

For more information about both ongoing and completed projects carried out by NTIHC

Strategic Plans & Reports

Capacity building package’ of support to 24 facilities.

  • Capacity building, including training of service providers and peer educators on ADH and YFS.
  • Technical support supervision where we mentor and support service providers in YFS provision
  • Material support where we support facilities with IEC materials
  • Monitoring visits to facilities.
  • Facilitate peer educators to work at the facilities on daily basis
  • Facilitate school Outreaches in all supported facilities.
  • Review meetings with facilities and district leadership


Service delivery package facilities; supports (Kampala & one in Wakiso)

  1. Kisenyi Health Centre IV
  2. Kawaala Health Centre III
  3. China Uganda Friendship Hospital
  4. Komamboga Health Centre III
  5. Kisugu Health Centre III
  6. Kitebi Health Centre III
  7. Kira Health Centre III

Capacity building package facilities; supports (Wakiso, Mpigi, Butambala, Gomba, Luwero, Nakaseke, Mukono and Kayunga)

  1. Kanoni Health Centre III
  2. Bulwadda Health Centre II
  3. Mpenja Health Centre III
  4. Gombe Hospital
  5. Kitimba Health Centre III
  6. Bulo Health Centre III
  7. Mpigi Health Centre IV
  8. Mudduma Health Centre III
  9. Buwama Health Centre III
  10. Nsangi Health Centre III
  11. Namayumba Health Centre IV
  12. Kasanje Health Centre III
  13. Semuto Health Centre IV
  14. Kikamulo Health Centre III
  15. Biddabugya Health Centre III
  16. Zirobwe Health Centre III
  17. Butuntumula Health Centre III
  18. Nyimbwa Health Centre IV
  19. Kojja Health Centre IV
  20. Nagojje Health Centre III
  21. Kasawo Health centre III
  22. Kyabalogo Health Centre II
  23. Kangulumira Health Centre IV
  24. Ntenjeru Health Centre III