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Naguru Teenage Information and Health Centre internship programme aims to enable individuals acquire practical work experience by translating knowledge learnt at school into engaging activities in so doing acquiring skills and attitudes that are relevant to future employment.
This internship programme is part of the NTIHC strategy of building capacity by providing learning opportunities to others.

NTIHC’S working definition of internship is a non renumerated meaningful supervised work experience programme provided by NTIHC to both graduate and post graduate students for a specified period of time (1-3 months) in order to meet their training needs and career goal developments.

It should be made clear from the outset to prospective interns that internship at NTIHC does not constitute any obligation for employment on NTIHC’s part.

Types of internship:
Graduate student interns: These are individuals from institutions of higher learning like universities, tertiary institutes etc, persuing diploma and degree courses, and are required to have field attachment with an organisation to gain meaningful practical experiences in a relevant field. This category includes both national and international students that may be attached to NTIHC related work as a partial fulfilment of their academic persuits.
Post graduate interns: These are individuals from universities persuing post graduate courses like post graduate masters and full masters degrees, and are required to have a very specialised field attachment with an organisation as a partial fulfilment of their academic persuits.
Recruitment and Selection
All potential interns will have to submit the following:
i)A hand written letter expressing intrest in undertaking internship at the centre addressed to the Program Director.
ii)An internship placement request letter from the institution of higher learning where the student is attached.
iii)A photocopy of both O&A level certificates.
NTIHC will adhere to its Human Resource Policy when recruiting and selecting interns.