1. The right to Life. 2. The right to liberty and security of the person. 3. The right to equality and to be free from all forms of discrimination. 4. The right to privacy. 5. The right to freedom of thought. 6. The right to information. 7. The right to choose whether or not to marry and to find and plan a family. 8. The right to decide whether or when to have children 9. The right to the benefits of scientific progress. 10. The right to be free from torture and ill treatment. 11. The right to access sexual and reproductive health services. 12. The right to decide freely and responsibly on all aspects of sexuality

RMNCAH Youth Summit

The RMNCAH Youth Summit is here!

The Ministry of Health – Uganda and partners will be hosting the first of its kind platform for accountability, coordination and access to Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal, Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH) services for young people across Uganda.

Over 500 adolescents and youth and key stakeholders across Uganda will be discussing  the progress made   towards  implementing RMNCAH interventions,  amplify voices of the last mile adolescent and youth, and press forward for the achievement of the pledges  made towards RMNCAH for adolescents and youth in Uganda.

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In bid to reach wide range of stakeholders and key players , a pre-event targeting the young people was organized, the Youth RMNCAH dialogue focused on Amplifying young people’s voices for better accountability, co-ordination and access RMNCAH services. This platform enabled the young people to bring leaders to accountability of some policy issues and commitments, the platform was also used to create awareness among the young people on RMCNAH issues. The young people were empowered and also reminded of their role in RMNCAH and as such key commitments from young people were documented and submitted at the RMNCAH symposium and finally at the assembly.

One key recommendation from the youth dialogue was the need to maintain the RMNCAH youth dialogue space as an annual event to amplify the young people’s voice on RMNCAH for better accountability and coordination of RMNCAH.

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The idea of having an RMNCAH summit for the young people is therefore premised on the justification and background above.  Naguru Teenage information and health center will work with partners to provide space to a wider group of young people in the entire country.

This summit envisages a national and regional young people platform for RMNCAH accountability, it’s also a platform for tracking performance on commitments made at the national RMNCAH assembly and key duty bearers accountable, a platform for sharing and learning good practices from the region.

Our Themes

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The goal of the summit is to provide a platform for dialogue on young people’s inclusion and participation in RMNCAH accountability and coordination.

  1. To enhance young people’s knowledge and understanding of their rights on the RMNCAH agenda and its implementation in both rural and urban settings of Uganda.
  2. To facilitate dialogue between young people, youth organizations, civil society organizations, national governments and policy makers to enhance accountability and good governance of RMNCAH.
  3. To track progress on young people’s commitment on improving RMNCAH services in Uganda.
  4. To create and maximize space for the participation of young people in the implementation of the RMNCAH programs