1. The right to Life. 2. The right to liberty and security of the person. 3. The right to equality and to be free from all forms of discrimination. 4. The right to privacy. 5. The right to freedom of thought. 6. The right to information. 7. The right to choose whether or not to marry and to find and plan a family. 8. The right to decide whether or when to have children 9. The right to the benefits of scientific progress. 10. The right to be free from torture and ill treatment. 11. The right to access sexual and reproductive health services. 12. The right to decide freely and responsibly on all aspects of sexuality


Naguru Teenage Information and Health Centre (NTIHC) is a leading organisation in the field of Adolescents Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (ASRHR) for close to 2 decades, implementing a youth friendly responsive model of ASRHR services delivery.

Established in 1994, NTIHC is a pioneer adolescent health program in Uganda established to provide “Youth Friendly Responsive” Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (ASRHR) services and information, primarily targeting young people 10-24 years old.

The program was founded under Kampala City Council (KCC), as a small adolescent clinic by a Swedish gynecologist and Uganda volunteer midwives and social workers.

Service Delivery

The role of service delivery is to ensure that the package and standard of services offered at NTIHC, in the community and the different supported sites resonate with the approved MOH guidelines and service standards for adolescent health services. The department oversees the development, implementation and review of policies, procedures, guidelines, and strategies, for quality ASRH service delivery. Service delivery department involves the implementation of quality adolescent and youth friendly health services at the NTIHC, in the surrounding communities and in supported government health facilities. The department oversees the development, implementation and review of policies, procedures, guidelines, and strategies, for quality ASRH service delivery.

Finance & Administration

This department is responsible for the Finance, Management and Human Resources. NTIHC has a staff of about 35 individuals presided over by 8 board members and 2 trustees. Almost half have a medical professional background. NTIHC is guided by a well-updated accounting manual that specifies access, utilisation and accountability of its funds. The manual serves as a reference document for the Programme Director, Finance and Administration Manager, the Accountant, departmental mangers and auditors. It incorporates conventional financial management and accounting principles and tailor-made arrangements specifically designed to suit the peculiar operational dynamics of the organization.

Advocacy & Research

This department focuses on ways to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights for young people, Capacity building/development, Monitoring, Evaluation and Research. It covers raising awareness and understanding of rights among diverse target groups (e.g. the general public, young people, service providers, government), as well as raising understanding of government policies, service standards and guidelines related to young peoples’ health particularly SRHR. Keen interest is also given to how SRHR for young people can be improved through actions such as policy reform, improvements to health systems, and the financing of ADH and ASRHR services and activities.


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